Stitch of the month: The TAST Challenge

Another blog that focusses on stitches can be located at Pintangle, Sharon Boggon’s website.
Sharon is a crazy quilter who loves to combine all kinds of surface stitchery in her work. Her website has a wonderful stitch dictionary with very clear instructions on how to work a whole host of stitches.

Additionally, through her blog, The TAST challenge, she takes her readers through the steps of learning selected stitches on a weekly basis over a year. She has two levels, beginners and a more advanced version. The blog is just starting a new round and there will be 48 stitches to learn, with the first 20 being what she believes the basic stitches.

It might be something you could do with a group of friends. Check it out: Reference:

The TAST challenge week 1: Chain stitch
Beyond TAST week one: Linked chain stitch