Cable Chain Stitch

Cable Chain Stitch is a variation of chain stitch and also known as cable stitch. It is an easy member of the chain stitch family and worked in a similar manner to basic chain stitch but with an added step of twisting the thread round the needle after each chain loop. The extra loop between chain stitches creates a link between the chains.

Cable chain is used as a linear stitch on both plain and even-weave fabrics. As with basic chain stitch this version follows curves well. It is pleasant stitch to work because you can develop a good easy paced rhythm.

The sample shown is an experimental piece of Cable Chain stitch worked in a variety of unusual threads. Unusual in the sense that they are threads embroiderers would not necessarily normally select.
The top is a hand dyed crochet cotton that is the same thickness as cotton perle#5.
Second down is a fine knitting yarn.
The dark blue line in the middle of the sample is also a knitting yarn.
The line of stitching second from the bottom is a hand dyed crochet cotton.
The bottom line uses a knitting cotton.